Our GPs

Our General Practitioners (GPs)

Dr. Sayanan Srishanmuganathan

Sayan grew up in London and moved to Melbourne in 2012. He qualified as a doctor with an additional Management degree from...
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Dr. Roy Othman

Roy is a fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. He undertook his undergraduate medical training at...
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Dr Siavash Saadatian

Sia Graduated from medical school in Iran in 2007. He worked in multiple clinical settings both in urban and rural areas of Iran...
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Dr Shamistra Barathan

Shami has been practising medicine for 16 years. She is a graduate of the Imperial College School of Medicine in London, and...
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Dr Martin Hodgson

Martin has been a doctor for more than 30 years & hopes he can help with most things on a couple of evenings per week. He has...
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Dr Avinash Kamale

Avi is a fellow of The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. He has vast Victorian hospital experience in areas of...
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Dr Katherine Firth

Dr Katherine Firth is an experienced General Practitioner who has been working on the Central Coast of NSW since 2009, and is...
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Dr Shaminder Kaur

Dr Kaur is a British trained GP and studied at the University of Manchester qualifying as a doctor in 2008. She has experience in...
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Dr Shantini Rasiah

Shantini has been practising for last 11 years in various health areas and 6 years in General Practice. She was born and brought...
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Dr Khalid Yousif

Dr Khalid Yousif is an Australian-based health professional. Khalid is trained as a GP (General Practitioner) with 23 years of...
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Dr. Zahra Mokhayer

Dr. Zahra Mokhayer graduated in Iran in 2004 and for the past 14 years has been working in General Practice. Dr. Zahra is...
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Dr. Upuli Mayadunne

Dr Upuli completed her Post Graduate Medical studies from Flinders University, South Australia in 2012. She also has a Bachelors...
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Dr. Sathiya Sivanesan

Sathiya (Sathi) has over 15 years of medical experience ranging from rural /remote medicine to acute trauma medicine, GP...
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Dr. Nisha Patel

Nisha is a British trained GP and graduated from St Georges Hospital Medical School, London in 2008. Having initially perused a...
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Dr. Sima Riazi

Sima is a graduate from the University of Melbourne. She has completed rotations in a wide range of medical specialties including...
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Dr. Angela Lovell

Dr Angela Lovell graduated from the University of Newcastle in NSW. She has worked as a doctor in a variety of locations in New...
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Continuity of Care

Preferred Doctor:

The Balwyn Central Medical doctors wish to remind patients of our commitment to continuity of care. All patients are asked to nominate their preferred doctor. This is prominently recorded on your electronic medical record. If you are unsure of your nominated doctor, please ask the reception staff.

Our general practitioners (GPs) will maintain your electronic medical record. This includes reviewing correspondence from specialists, checking and coding incoming pathology/radiology results, and seeking additional medical information from other parties when appropriate, e.g. former GPs or public hospitals.

Your doctor will inform you of periodic health checks as appropriate, e.g. scheduled vaccinations in childhood, pap smears in adult women. Your doctor will also recall you for clinical reasons, e.g. to discuss test results that are not normal or to follow up medical problems, e.g. diabetes, breast lumps, medication reviews.

Your doctor will do other tasks from time to time e.g. completing medical assessments for pre-employment or insurance applications.

Your doctor will be the one whom you see for all routine health care, and for emergency care when possible. On occasion your doctor will not be able to see you when you seek an appointment with them and they would encourage you to see their colleagues at these times. This will help meet your needs for consultations over the full extent of hours that the practice is open. In some cases, women may prefer to see a female doctor for some problems, or men may prefer to see a male doctor.

Changing your doctor:

Over time your needs may change. You may find one of the other doctors more suitable for your needs and wish to change your regular treating doctor. In this case, please discuss this with your new preferred doctor, and if they agree to take over your care, your former doctor will be informed and the name of your new doctor will be recorded on your electronic record.